Search Engine Optimization is used in web publishing to increase web page visibility and traffic for a higher ranking in search engines. Writing an article using SEO optimization requires good writing skills to make the article interesting and easy to read. We at WebsiteToon provide SEO services where our SEO experts will strategically place key phrases and keywords in the text and include hyperlinks which will boost the readership of your page. The following SEO tips will be helpful in article writing.

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Outline your article

Articles should be informative and engaging. They should present a new angle on a specific topic. Your article should be entertaining, beneficial or otherwise valuable. A well written article content will attract more traffic which translates to many readers visiting your site. This makes your article more attractive to link marketers. It is crucial to have keyword phrases on your title as they make up an important part of effective content marketing.

Make a list of keywords for your article

It will be of great help to readers and Google ranking if your article is divided with subheadings since readers appreciate it more when they can read an article with ease. Our SEO experts recommend the use of subheadings, because that way, readers are likely to finish the article and stay on the page for a longer period. Key words and key phrases are registered by spiders which provide SEO services by creating scripts that search engines send out to every page on the internet.

Have keyword density

Keyword density is the number of times a keyword appears in an article as compared to the total number of words in the article.SEO experts recommend that a search engine optimized article should have a keyword density of between 0.5-2percent. You can use a keyword density checker tool for calculating the keyword density of your article.
Post and Meta title
An SEO friendly title will not only give your article more organic traffic but it will also increase the Click through rate. The post title is how readers see your title while the Meta title is how the search engine will see the post title and display it in search engine results.SEO optimized titles are essential for better search engine ranking as they convince the user to read the post.
5. Use heading tags
For SEO optimized articles, you have to use proper heading tags for subheadings and headings of your posts. Because the title is the most important part of your post, an SEO optimization theme uses H1 heading tag for post titles by default. Add your keywords in subheadings and by so doing, you can effectively optimize your heading.
6. Compress your images
The loading speed of your article plays an important role in search engine ranking. Google for instance, prefers fast loading articles. The main factor that reduces loading speed is the heavy size images and to overcome this, you must compress your images before uploading your post. WebsiteToon SEO experts suggest on using online tools that help you to compress your images without degrading their quality.