When it comes to marketing, things always change. But even if your brand has a plan to take advantage of new tools and technologies in the market, that’s not an excuse to lay back. As time goes by, plenty new things come down the pipe marketing-wise.

However, not all of them will grasp their full potential, some may die out despite initial promise. Even so, it’s important for marketing agencies in Mississauga to keep an eye on developing trends and tactics. After all, while it’s impossible to foresee the future, it’s still important to plan for it.

In order to help marketing agencies stay current and keep up with emerging tools and technologies, here’s a list of some emergent trends that are currently taking over.

Omni-channel marketing

Currently, the increasing number of tools consumers have at their disposal to make purchase decisions have changed the way they purchase. For instance, before the internet, if you wanted to buy a product, you had to go to the store to get it.

Now with magazines, smartphones, and the internet, what used to be a one-stop shop has developed into a journey where clients interact with your business in numerous ways. This change has birthed a form of marketing known as Omni-channel, which concentrates on providing a unified experience across all channels.

Voice assistants, TVs, and other emerging platforms

When it comes to digital marketing in Mississauga, mobile still rules. But while mobile seems to be the principal way brands engross their clients for some time to come, other mobile-compatible platforms continue to surface as prospective marketing instruments.

Television surfaces as a platform for brands looking for ways to reach clients on their TVs using Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV and other set-top devices. User engagement through Google Home, Amazon Echo, and auto-focused customer communication are presently also drawing substantial attention.

More landing pages

There’s no uncertainty that landing pages have become a more popular marketing tool in the last few years, and recent data from Search Engine Journal shows that it’s not changing anytime soon. According to their report, the contents that digital marketing in Mississauga is seeing most success with are white papers and e-books.

More often than not, landing pages are where users access those white papers and e-books from businesses who offer them in exchange for something in return like an email address and a name. All digital marketers aspire to increase lead generation and landing pages are the weapons they need.

The platform-agnostic experience

Studies show that Apple and Google are taking steps to lessen the difference in experience and any abrasion between mobile apps and websites, as well as between mobile devices and laptop and desktop computers, in order to provide users with a progressively unified experience across platforms.

These changes including Google’s inauguration of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Android Instant Apps initiatives and Apple’s expansion of popular iOS features to desktop reflect a developing view of what users want from their digital experience specifically a single continuous, platform-agnostic user experience instead of one that treats desktop computers and smartphones as enclosed gardens.

Anticipate seeing that dream come true as more brands take steps to embrace cross-platform user profiles and begin leveraging the tools that Apple and Google have made available.

Use of customer location and send-time data

The advent of digital marketing makes it possible to collect more and more data on client behavior and preferences than ever before, supporting intimate, personalized customer-brand relationships on an unparalleled global scale. As technology advances, it’s clear to see that data collection and the customer engagement strategies that data makes possible become even more operational.

The growing acceptance of wearables like Apple Watch and fitness devices from Fitbit Jawbone and other brands has the potential to kick off a new wave of body-focused customer data tracking, while the always present nature of mobile devices and huge reach of Google and other key technology brands is making it easier to track when a customer is home or at work.

This type of granular data has the potential to make tools with send-time optimization even more effective at calculating ideal delivery times and could support a level of message personalization exceeding what’s possible today. Marketing agencies collect and use this kind of customer information in their user outreach for the future.

Smarter automation

When people think of simulated intelligence, there’s an inclination to jump to visualizations of an apocalyptic Skynet-like future where machines replace all human activity or to a revolutionary dreamland where smart robots replace a human activity that we all find annoying.

But while either of those futures is likely to be a long way off, expect Mississauga marketing agencies to more effectively influence the progressively smart automation tools that continue to surface.