Irrespective of the kind of law that you practice, most law firms are like realtors where they have the distinct disadvantage of having a huge rotating door when it comes to their client base. Upon completion of a case, the client disappears until they require legal services again. Attorneys and lawyers are often very systematic individuals who ensure that they leave no stone unturned when it comes to the cases the work on. This is the same approach you should take in your marketing campaigns in order to attract new clients, build a good reputation for your firm, and ultimately grow your business. The following five marketing strategies will help you achieve that.

Optimize on-site content for search engine optimization

Each line of text on your website provides you with an opportunity to increase your SEO. However, that does not mean that your website should be full of irrelevant keywords. By just being intentional about your content, and how you are writing it, you could actually rank well in search engines. Be practical about your keyword research and if you still have trouble ranking, look for long-tail keywords that have less competition but higher transactional intent.


Build a user-friendly site

Most law firm websites are less user-friendly, so strive to stand out from the rest by making it easy for prospective clients to see who you are, how you can be of help to them, and how they can quickly get in touch with you. Your site should actually work like a funnel that pushes users through a clear path to get to their destination. As such, the starting point should be your homepage, and the final destination should be getting in touch with your firm. Have a spotless site that begins with a brief summary of your law firm and what makes it exceptional on the main page. Include calls to action that encourage users to either click to learn more about your firm, or submit forms. From this page, you could then direct users towards your frequently asked questions, or yet another call to action that encourages them to contact you. Ensure that you are intentional with your site design.


Utilize contact forms, offers, and CTAs to generate contact

We have mentioned this before about website design, but it is so vital and requires attention. You should employ an intentional and regular combination of calls to action, contact forms, offers or incentives, to actually generate contact. This is a crucial formula, and all three parts are essential for best results.


Integrate distinctive branding to stand out from the rest

Although the law can be dry and cut, a lot of lawyers get creative so as to find the best possible solutions for their clients. The same should apply to your marketing and you can achieve it by implementing and highlighting whatever makes you unique. After all, a little creativity always goes a long way. If you are uncertain on how to do this, knowing that some firms go for an aggressive, ferocious brand, while others aim to be reachable and relevant will help. Different brands work differently for different clients. Embracing your brand plays a huge role in helping you get the right clients.


Increase your online visibility using AdWords

If you want a fast way to get your website skyrocketing in search engine positioning, Google AdWords is the way to go. Moreover, if you want to boost your SERPs, this will help you obtain major visibility rapidly. AdWords provide you with the immense advantage of being able to exhibit your advertisement to users who are in the research stage of the sales funnel. They will be looking for someone else who offers the same services you do, and they will be most likely close to contacting or hiring someone. Of course, you want that someone to be you.