The development of information technology has made it easier for law firms to promote themselves and interact with prospective clients. However, as technology continues to evolve, and more law firms get into the digital marketing game, the playing field has become more competitive than ever. Strategies that worked just a few years ago may be completely ineffective today. If this rings true for your law practice, here are some proven tactics that you can use to get your law firm’s marketing strategy back on track.

Design a contemporary and effective website

Today, your law firm’s website does a lot more than replace a yellow pages listing. It provides prospective clients the opportunity to evaluate you and your services. When it comes to your law firm, the most important element of your marketing strategy is its website. Do the following to ensure that your website works for you.

  • Simplify navigation- The design of your website must be in such a way that visitors can easily find useful information and contact you. The faster they can find what they are looking for, the more likely they are to remain on the page. Each page should include calls to action and contact information if you want to drive conversions.
  • Improve mobile user experience- Most people nowadays access the internet through their smartphones. As such, you need to optimize your law firm’s website for mobile. Keep in mind that every mobile device will differently display your website, so it is crucial that you test your site on multiple mobile platforms.
  • Incorporate your site into your overall marketing strategy- Your website plays the role of building your brand through focusing on your primary area of practice and offering persuasive reasons why people should hire you. You also want your site to rank highly on search engines.

Use SEO to boost your practice

When you take steps to increase your chances of your website appearing on top of Bing, Yahoo, or Google searches, you are doing search engine optimization. The internet is teeming with lawyers, just like in the real world. As such, you need to ensure that internet users will locate your website before your competitors. One of the best ways you can achieve that is by focusing on link building. This is because when links to your site feature articles in the media, directory listings, and relevant and reputable websites, search engines will rank your website higher in their results. Another thing you need to do is to think locally. As a law firm, you most likely want to work with clients within a particular geographical area. You can increase your local search rankings by creating consistent NAP citation. Lastly, you need to post useful content. SEO relies in part on relevant keywords in your website, but you need to ensure that you integrate those keywords into useful content.

Build quality content

All of the written text on your website is what makes up content. Relevant and useful content not only helps your search engine optimization, it determines whether you effectively interact with visitors on your website. You have to ensure that your content informs visitors to your website and convinces them to retain your services. First, build a relevant and accurate static content. Static content is the informational pages about the legal topics relevant to your practice. Secondly, ensure that you feature a blog on your website where you will frequently write about present issues and developments in your field of practice. These posts should be able to convert your readers into clients, to ensure that you link your blog posts to your law firm. Lastly, ensure that you have unique content. You may fall into the temptation of simply copying and pasting articles that you think are applicable to your practice, but for the sake of your reputation, it is important to have unique and original content.