If you are serious about wanting to grow your business, then you have to focus on marketing and effective marketing at that. There are numerous marketing tips for law firms out there, but here are eleven of the most, affordable, and effective ones.

1. Let your website be more of a help center rather than a sales        brochure


Of course, you want to have mentions of your endeavors, awards and legal organizations on your website, but the content that will help you drive business is the content that is useful to potential clients. What your prospective clients care about most is your ability to help them resolve their problems.

2. Keep hyper-local in mind


Although bigger conventional newspapers have lost huge masses of their readership, the hyper-local newspapers containing pictures of local schools, and events continue to flourish due to the reason that they cover news and events that touch people where they live. A story or an ad about your law firm in these papers can do you a lot of good.

3. Utilize local radio


You may not know this, but local radio stations still have a great influence for most businesses. This is because people remain loyal to their favorite radio station and that loyalty can easily transform to customers for any business that advertises on the radio station.

4. Join networking groups in your locality


Meeting people and finding out how you can be of help to them will also help you. Although networking takes quite a bit of time to take effect, once you establish relationships, you can rest assured that business will start rolling into your law firm.

5. A video is great for marketing


You probably do not know this but YouTube is the second largest search engine right after Google. The other advantage is that your videos will be out there working for you on a full-time basis. Once you create the kind of content people are looking for, video can be a great marketing tool.

6. Your existing clients can help you market your firm


Throughout your law practice, you will acquire loyal and satisfied clients who appreciate your services and will gladly promote you. You can capitalize on that and ask them if they have any friends or family that could use your services. Even if they do not, they will be happy to refer anyone who requires legal help to you in the future.

7. Have your local SEO in place


You want to ensure that your NAP is consistent. Your Name, address, and phone number need to be consistent on your website as well as all of your local listings across the internet. This way, you will be able to reach clients in your geographical area.

8. Check your mailbox regularly


It appears like everyone is getting a lot less mail these days. Try doing some targeted direct mail. You can specify particular demographic information. With a less disorderly mailbox, the time is right for a direct mail campaign for your law firm.

9. Write a blog


As a lawyer, you can build your reputation and upsurge your positioning as an expert in the legal field by creating useful content and posting it on our blog.

10. Speak out


You should always be on the lookout for opportunities to speak in front of people. This way, you can be able to share useful content in person and convince them to hire you.

11. Always evaluate your results


It is normal t have some ideas that will function better than others. There are some ideas that require just a bit of tweaking in order to work well, while some are just not good for you. Tracking your activities, the results that you achieve and assessing them to determine the best ideas for you is crucial to the success of your law firm.