We are an online marketing company that understands how your business strategy conveys a crucial message to your audience that makes them look at you as an authority in the field and a worthy service provider. As the universe goes online, professionals like dentists, accountants, and lawyers are realizing that not as many clients are walking through their doors and most of them are doing online research first. Word of mouth and internet reviews count for more currently, and a lot of people research lawyers in their local area before reaching out to a law firm to discuss their needs. Here is how we use search engine optimization to help your law firm get more business.

Local SEO

Search engines like Google make it easier for people to locate appropriate businesses through local search. They hook up citation so as to track where each business is. We utilize local SEO to help your business gain more visibility within, Bing, Google, and other search engines. If you are a law firm that deals with medical claims, then you will want to rank in Google for terms related for medical terms in your particular locality. When you become one of the law companies that appear on the first pages for these types of local search terms, you drive traffic to your website and increase the number of phone calls to your office. It is more like an upgraded version of Yellow Pages with everything applicable listed in one place.

Google My Business

Google My Business is the business section of Google where you can find the records of each local company. When looking at local search results, choosing a business creates a display on the right side with the company information that is in the possession of Google. If your law firm primarily serves clients within your locality, we will sign you up with Google My Business. Once we do that by adding your business address, Google puts your business through its verification system.

Using citations to appeal to clients

When it comes to local SEO, the first step involves preparing the right citations to go on the web. A citation is basically something that provides major details about your business. This includes the name of your business, physical, and contact details. The way that citations work is by placing the key information on every page of your law firm’s website. It is vital that the information remains the same on every page. When you have an initial phone number and the present one on different pages, business reference sites and search engines will be uncertain about the correct phone number to use.

Content marketing

To a considerable number of lawyers, content marketing may seem odd. Nevertheless, written content that talks about how your firm manages client relations and deals with challenging situations allows prospective clients to learn more about your firm. When potential clients are able to hear the voice of your business, its ethics and passion, they are able to make an informed and wise decision. From a local search engine optimization viewpoint, when writing about legal topics but including pertinent local terms that the search engines can pick up on, it helps to rank higher when users are looking for a law firm with a particular specialty that will be a good match.

As a law firm, you can definitely benefit and achieve better results by utilizing our search engine optimization tactics. Search engines are far more likely to take notice of your business and feature it prominently in local searches. Prospective clients will also find it easier to locate your law firm and what you specialize in so that you can be of help. We can help you do local SEO correctly and this way, everyone gets help in what they are looking for. Feel free to reach out to us because we are always ready to serve.