Perhaps you are not aware but local SEO can be a very powerful tool if correctly used. Regardless of the size of your business, targeting clients or customers in the region near your office is by far different to larger scale SEO campaigns. Your rankings in local search results depend on location data such as reviews from local customers, phone number listings, your office address, and of course, your Google business page. If you own a large law firm with multiple offices all over the country or a small one with one or two local offices, you will benefit from local SEO for a number of reasons. Recent studies reveal that a considerable number of clients’ research lawyers online and a huge percentage of them confirmed that online reviews matter to them when choosing which law firm to hire. This is why SEO for law firms and lawyer websites are gaining popularity. Fundamental and long-tail keywords can help improve your rankings on search engines, but even if your firm shows up in the first slot in Google, it would not matter if your practice is in Mississauga and all your traffic is originating from Vaughan. The bottom line is that there is SEO and local SEO. The latter is where you should focus your SEO efforts.

Generation of client reviews

It is a fact that Google favors websites that utilize Google tools. Local SEO can help you build up some authentic and positive reviews on your Google My Business Page. Of course, the more positive reviews you get, the higher your law firm will rank. Ask your clients to review your services on sites like Google, Yelp, and Avvo. Ensure that you focus your attention on Google since it is the leading influencer for where your business site will rank in local searches.

Optimization for your site

This is quite similar to the larger scale SEO, but with local keyword data instead. Keyword research will help you determine which terms you could rank the highest for, so when you know which long-tail and short keywords you want to use for your local SEO, use them on every page of your site. As a result, Google will crawl your site and distinguish you as a local business based on your location. Moreover, if you are a law firm that optimizes its website for local SEO, creating an SEO campaign will not be as complicated as creating a global or national one. This is because there is far less competition. If yours is a small law firm, optimizing your site using your location-related keywords will help you rank higher in search results compared to when you use generic based terms.

Google my business

Chances are, when someone searches for a lawyer online, they will type a location along with what they are looking for in particular. For instance, ‘law firm Toronto’ or ‘lawyer Milton’. When clients use Google to search for a specific kind of business near your law firm, you will see the results at the top of your page. This gives you access to many local businesses as well as their contacts, websites and exact locations on a map. If you want your law firm to rank higher in Google search results, this is where you want to be.

If you are a law firm owner or marketer looking to improve local SEO activity for your business, you can begin by trying out the aforementioned techniques and you will surely get to enjoy the benefits of local SEO. Local SEO is a highly effective and necessary marketing strategy for targeting new clients. Therefore, it is vital that you commit to doing all you can to improve your rankings within your local market. It would be a wise idea to research and assess companies close to you that provide local SEO services and choose one that understands the SEO goals you want to attain.