In order to attract clients and grow your law firm, you require an interactive and well-designed website. You also need to make it easy for users to locate it. This is where your SEO campaign comes into play. Without a good amount of traffic, it will not matter how great your website is. It will not generate leads or phone calls. You need to familiarize yourself with SEO and how to set up a campaign that will help your law firm rank higher in search engines. Simply put, SEO is a way to ensure that your law firm’s website raises to the top of the search engine results pages when people search for keywords related to your law firm.  You can think of SEO as an extension of marketing since you probably already use public relations and run advertisements to promote your law firm. Here are several tips that you can begin executing now that will make your law firm’s presence more visible online.

Choose your keywords

Getting your website SEO optimized is easier than you think even though the term SEO intimidates many people. However, it does not have to. The first step in optimizing your site is to establish which keywords make the most sense for your law firm. Highly targeted keywords are much more effective than generic or ambiguous keywords. For instance, the keyword ‘Stoney Creek Attorney’ is way too broad since there are numerous attorneys offering their services in the area. Therefore, the keyword will not do anything to increase your online visibility. Instead focus on your particular area of practice.

Optimize your website for mobile

Searches for various services continue to rise on mobile devices. As such, it is absolutely important to have your website designed for smartphones and load faster. Moreover, a mobile-friendly site is a ranking factor for search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. If your site is not mobile friendly, it will rank at the bottom of the results. Even if you do everything right with your SEO campaign, if your site does not work well on mobile, users will not locate you.

Use social media

The power of social media in increasing the visibility of your law firm is immeasurable. Use popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get your law firm out there. Ask your past and present clients to share links to your law firm on their social media pages and you are certain to get more attention. Moreover, the more people talk about your business the more popular it becomes.

Optimize keywords on your homepage

When you have settled on the keywords you want to target, make sure your homepage aligns with them. Include SEO optimized home page content and images along with the meta description and title tag.

Build keyword specific posts and pages

Search engines will reward you for having a high amount of information about precise keywords. The more content you create around a keyword, the higher you will rank in search results. Create as many blog posts and pages that contain your top keywords. You should target each page or blog post to only one of your keywords.

Check where competing firms rank for your chosen keywords

Once you decide what keywords you want to focus on, all you have to do is get into Google and plug them in. Find out what law firms are ranking high for those keywords and you will be able to know who your direct SEO competition is and where they rank in organic searches. Spend some time on their sites and see what they are doing with keywords that get them ranked so highly.

Once you understand and implement search engine optimization on your website, you will observe more qualified leads ad traffic showing up every day. This is good because more business is what it is all about after all.