As more lawyers compete for the same clients, law firm marketing is becoming increasingly difficult. For some firms, the answer is just content production, SEO, or increasing the marketing budget. However, spending more money may not be an option if you are just getting your firm off the ground and do not have a huge marketing budget in place. Fortunately, not all kinds of marketing require you to break the bank. Here are a few marketing strategies, to help you implement a low-budget marketing plan that will generate more clients.

Attend more industry events and meet-ups

Legal representation depends heavily on trust, which is why most clients prefer getting refers from attorneys over contacting one they saw in the newspaper. As such, networking is, and probably will always will be one of the best free marketing strategies for lawyers. Building relationships with referral partners is one of the best ways to obtain more clients, and you can do it without spending anything. The most operational approach involves attending parties and events with other professionals or even with prospective clients. You can find out where such events are going to be through searching Facebook. Get out there, meet people in your industry and try to build relationships with them. You never know who might refer you to a client in the future. It is also a wise idea to track these relationships using a CRM to ensure that you stay in touch with all your professional relationships as time goes by.

Claim and bring up-to-date your Avvo profile

In the past, most lawyers have had a negative attitude toward Avvo owing to some of its disputed yet effective marketing practices. Nevertheless, whether you like it or not, Avvo is a force to reckon with in the legal industry therefore, you might as well go along with it and utilize it to your advantage. You can claim your Avvo profile for free and update it with your profile picture, a biography, and other information about your law practice. There are more steps you can take to increase your Avvo rating as well, such as responding to legal questions and posting articles and other content.  Of course, Avvo is more likely to focus on the lawyers who pay for their marketing services over those who have the free version, but it is still worth having an updated profile in case a potential client finds it when searching Avvo or even Google. Avvo pages rank high in search results, therefore, if a client searches your name, your Avvo profile is likely to appear on the first page. If your profile is available, you will look less credible compared to the next lawyer who has 5-star reviews and a 10 rating.

Use social media to your advantage

It is now clear that social media is not just a passing craze, but a big part of contemporary society. It is where people get their news; it is how they keep in touch, and it is the place where they store photos and other memories of their lives. Even with the widespread use of social media, the fact is that it is absolutely free to use, it should not come as surprise that it can be an effective medium for free law firm marketing. True, you can get even more out of social media by paying to advertise and promote your content. Just sharing content and posting status updates regularly from your personal or business page is worth the few minutes of time it takes. You may get disheartened when you do not see instant results right away, but that should not be the case. Social media is a long-term strategy and volume game. This means that you never know which of your posts will reach a potential client at the right time, trigger their interest, and lead them to hire you in the end.